May 2020

Congratulations to our own Kayla for being Awarded the Arthur H. Black Award in Analytical Chemistry! 

April 2020

GMAS Lab is still active remotely and today we are very proud of our own Jayla for being Awarded the First Year Summer Research Experience grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research of the University of Toledo! Her proposal was among the top 5!

April 2020

Together with Profs Hernandez-Borges and Hantao, Dr. Gionfriddo is guest editing a new Research Topic of Frontiers in Chemistry  dedicated to "Modern Sample Preparation Procedures for Environmental, Food and Bioanalytical Analyses". Research papers and reviews are welcome for submission, for more info click the link: 

March 2020

Dr. Gionfriddo is  appointed to Ohio Attorney General Yost's Environmental Council of Advisors.

February 2020

GMAS lab welcomes another gladiator of microextraction, Abigail (the birthday girl holding balloons).

February 2020

At GMAS lab were are excited to host Prof. Andy Ault on Feb 10th! His seminar will focused on novel analytical methodologies to investigate the chemistry of atmospheric aerosols.

November 2019

GMAS lab brings home another award! Congrats to Ronnie for winning the Best Poster Award at ANACHEM 2019!


October 2019

Amazing visit and seminar about metabolomics by Prof. Vladimir Shulaev from the University of North Texas! The GMAS lab really enjoyed the interesting scientific discussions!


September 2019

On September 19th, 2019 we had the pleasure to meet and dedicate our laboratoratory to Dr. Nina McClelland, her extraordinary career set an example for all young scientist, especially women!The Dr.Nina McClelland Laboratory for Water Chemistry and Enviromental Analysis is on!


July 2019

Ronnie is going places and making GMAS lab proud!

Thank you Restek for Ronnie's NACRW Travel Scolarship and for engaging in research with new labs like ours, glad to work with such great team! 


April 2019

We were pleased to host today Prof. Lisa Holland from West Virginia University! Great talk and lot of fun too!

On the same day, Ronnie won the Department Of Chemistry and Biochemistry Outstanding Teaching Assistants for 2018-19

What a DAY!


April 2019

Check it out! Our latest research paper is now published on LCGC and available online 


The GMAS lab welcomes Giuseppe, a visiting Master Student from the University of Calabria, Italy. During his 4 months internship in the Gionfriddo’s Research Group, he will use SPME coupled with GC-MS analysis to investigate the effectiveness of antimicrobial food packaging materials by monitoring bio-indicators of food dysregulation.


February 2019

On February 7th, 2019 Dr. Gionfriddo will present a talk entitled "Novel Sample Preparation Methods for the Analysis of Biological Samples in LC-MS/MS Workflows "  at the Automation and Mass Spectrometry Seminar Organized by Perkin Elmer, at the Boston University School of Medicine.


January 2019

We are excited to announce that Prof. Kevin Schug from The University of Texas at Arlington will visit the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry on January 14th, 2019. Prof. Schug is one of our "Frontiers in Chemistry" lecturer and will give a presentation entitled "Monitoring Groundwater Quality and Assessing Water Recycling Technologies in the Unconventional Oil and Gas Space". 

November 2018

November 2018

Ronnie joins GMAS lab!!

We are very trilled to welcome him to our group!

Looking forward to seeing you succeed!

November 2018

Dr. Gionfriddo is presenting a talk  entitled "Thin Film Microextraction: an alternative geometry of solid-phase  microextraction enabling faster and sensitive analysis of volatiles and semivolatiles" 

at the 4th Annual Flavor, Fragrance and Mal Odor
Analytical Seminar Nov 7th,  
Procter & Gamble Ivorydale Technical Center5289 Vine StreetCincinnati, OH 45217Dr.  

August 2018

Dr. Gionfriddo is Guest Editor of the special issue "Development of Alternative Sample Preparation Techniques" in the journal Separations, all contributions on the topic are welcome. Deadline is on May 31th, 2019 

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